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dog with symptoms that need veterinary attention

Acute Illness

Stinky ears? Itchy skin? Vomiting or diarrhea? Hair loss? Limping? Scooting across the floor? Squinting or discharge from the eyes? Sneezing or coughing? Not eating well?

Have you seen fleas or ticks on your pet? Accidents in the house? Have you found a wound? Is your pet lethargic? Or simply “ADR” - Ain't Doing Right - where you know your pet is not feeling well, but are not sure why?

Your pet may need medical attention.

These are all reasons your pet may need medical attention - and most can be addressed right at home. If you would like to discuss your pet's symptoms - please Contact Us to see if a housecall is appropriate, or if you may need to be referred elsewhere.

Many of these types of cases can be seen at home, but some will require x-rays or immediate hospitalization - and we can help you make sure your pet receives the most appropriate care in a timely manner.

Having an Emergency?
Contact one of our recommended Urgent Care providers.