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chewing and destructive behavior issues with dogs

Behavior Issues with Dogs

Separation anxiety and chewing/destructive behaviors are common in dogs.

There are many techniques and activities you can use to reduce anxiety in your dog, especially once the triggers for the behavior are identified. Sometimes we use medication for your pet in addition to behavior modification (often both your pet's behavior and yours!) to move to a quicker resolution - and hopefully reduce your anxiety, as well.

It is often difficult to know what causes your dog to act the way he does, and our job is to help figure that out and develop a plan of action that is safe and effective for your dog - and reasonable for you.

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Dogs that chew fall into two categories - chewers and swallowers. Chewers may destroy your favorite things, but swallowers can develop intestinal issues, including obstruction, which can be a life threatening situation.


“Other dog” aggression, food aggression, cage aggression, displaced aggression - there are many types and the management of each can be quite different.


Some dogs are deathly afraid of thunder and nothing seems to help but medication - but even then, we have choices and don't necessarily have to sedate your pet to help both of you get through the night!

Many behaviors are best understood by observing the dynamics of the household.

For example - do you have young children who have toys that look just like your puppy's toys? Is your dog weatherphobic and your home is filled with large windows and no window treatments? Do you work long hours and find that playtime and walks with your energy-filled large breed dog are hard to work into your schedule? That energy needs to be directed or it will find a place to work itself out - maybe on your new shoes or sofa pillows!

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