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healthy pet housecall visits

Healthy Pet Visits

Both dogs and cats benefit from routine exams (twice a year), and a vaccine schedule that is appropriate to the individual pet's lifestyle.

Indoor cats may not need the same vaccines and routine labwork as indoor/outdoor cats. Dogs lead an increasingly mobile lifestyle - traveling with families on vacation, going to parks, boarding, grooming - and often need a full complement of vaccines to be well protected when away from home.

annual vaccines for dogs and cats

Routine Exams & Vaccines

Fecal exams (yearly) and routine deworming (twice a year) help to protect pets and family members from zoonotic illness (illness that can be transmitted between pets and people). Periodic bloodwork, based on the pet's age and health status, is also important.

Preventive Pet Care

Preventative care - such as medications to prevent heartworms, intestinal parasites, ticks and fleas - plays an increasingly important role in your pet's overall health, especially here in the southeast where parasites tend to thrive! Yearly heartworm testing for your dog is vital in Georgia, as heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos.

We offer an array of healthy pet packages, and will customize as needed for your pet.

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