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veterinarian housecall

Housecall Fee

The housecall fee is $60 per visit. It is a flat fee, regardless of the number of pets seen during the visit. Also, if a condo/townhouse community, senior community or neighborhood organizes for more than one housecall on a given day, the fee is spread among the number of homes visited, rather than charged fully to each individual pet owner.

If your home is located outside our normal service area, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss a visit with you. The housecall fee may be higher in this instance.

Routine/Ongoing Visits

If we find that we will be making routine visits to your home for ongoing management of illness (such as subcutaneous fluid therapy, monthly injections) or puppy/kitten visits (vaccine boosters), we will develop a housecall fee structure with you that is appropriate to the frequency of the visits and the time needed at each visit.

Payment Information

We accept the following credit or debit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express & Discover. Cash payments are accepted, however for security reasons, we are unable to make change.

Have a friend or neighbor meeting us? Just let us know when you call and we can place a credit card on file for your convenience.

If you have pet insurance: Please have the claim form available for us to complete at your pet's housecall. (It is important to know that pet insurance reimburses the owner, not the veterinary practice.)

Senior Citizen Discount

Save 5% if you are 65+ years young.

(Please let us know; the only ages we estimate are in dog years!)