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managing arthritis in older pets

Pain Management

Many pets, especially senior pets, have arthritic pain. Others have chronic, intermittent pain associated with recurrent ear infections / inflammation or anal gland infections / impactions. Others have acute pain and inflammation from wounds, abscesses or other trauma.

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Medications & Supplements

There are many oral medications, including NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), prescriptions pain relievers, supplements, injectable medications (Adequan) and steroids that can help with various conditions.

You should know that there are specific NSAIDs that have been developed for our pets. Many over-the-counter medications we may take can be very dangerous for your pet, causing intestinal illness, stomach ulcers or death.

Please do not give your pet your medications - even one dose can be life-threatening. There are much safer alternatives for dogs and cats now, and we can help you to determine what may be best for your pet given the full medical history.

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