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in home vet visits for kittens and puppies

Puppies & Kittens

We offer puppy and kitten care for your new baby!

At the first visit (which is often a longer visit) - we will do a thorough exam, begin age appropriate vaccines, run a fecal exam, deworm and help you to select preventative care products for your new pet.

For puppies, we will offer advice on house training, crate training, feeding schedules, puppy behaviors (such as chewing!), and interaction w/other pets and family members. For kittens, we will offer advice on litterbox training/location and products, feeding, kitten behaviors and play, and interaction with other pets and family members.

Your Puppy or Kitten's First Months

We feel very strongly that your puppy or kitten's first several months in the home are critical. It is an opportunity to nurture, develop and direct a pet's behaviors and habits so that pet is well adjusted, confident and a great companion for you and your family. Many puppies and kittens are given up for adoption simply because the pet owner didn't realize the importance of this time period, and now feels frustrated with the pet.

We're Here to Help

Our job is to guide you and your pet through this time, helping you to understand why the puppy or kitten may do the things they do, what they mean, and how you can redirect or embrace the behavior. Please ask every question you may have - they are all good questions and we look forward to hearing your list!

Dr. Haight is also happy to have you call between puppy/kitten visits to ask your questions - especially those about behavior or house training. There is no reason to let your frustration build over time - we would love to help!

Veterinary Services in Milton, Alpharetta & Roswell

Contact Us to schedule a visit and for more tips to enjoy your new puppy or kitten.

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