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common health problems in small breed dogs

Senior Cats & Dogs

Many pets now live as beloved family members, and so problems are noted earlier and managed sooner.

As a result, many pets live to be seniors, and as a result, may develop arthritis, or other illnesses that are not as common in younger pets. Examples include congestive heart failure in small breed dogs, hyperthyroidism in cats, renal failure, abdominal masses, benign and malignant skin masses, dental problems, and more.

senior cats and dogs

Caring for Senior Pets

The care of the senior pet is multimodal - taking into account any and all medical conditions (and related medications) to create a treatment plan that addresses, and sometimes prioritizes, all issues.

Quality of Life

Our goal is a good, day-to-day quality of life for your senior pet - and we will work with you to develop a plan that is appropriate for your pet's needs. It is also important for us to help you to know when a good quality of life is just no longer possible, and assist you in making decisions about choosing euthanasia for your devoted companion.

At-home Veterinary Services

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