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Client Reviews

“Dr. Susan Haight has been our vet for over ten years. When we heard Dr. Haight was offering an ‘at home’ service, we thought it would be a good fit for our 13 year old Springer Spaniel.

We are extremely pleased with the experience! Our dog is no longer anxious or apprehensive during exams. Based on the purpose of the visit, Dr. Haight structures each at home visit similar to an office visit. The visits are comprehensive. We have had Dr. Haight perform an annual exam, draw blood and administer both shots and laser treatments.

The knowledge and kindness that IS Dr. Haight adds to the outstanding experience of the home visit. She provides an inclusive, informative, warm, relaxing and loving experience. Her compassion for our pet is overwhelming. Dr. Haight's unique qualities afford an older dog such as ours to be the most comfortable during uncomfortable yet necessary visits.”

“We have been blessed to have Dr. Haight as our veterinarian for over thirteen years. In those thirteen years she has seen our pets through everything you could imagine and more! Her expertise and knowledge of veterinary medicine is unquestionable and her ‘crate-side manner’ is absolutely wonderful! Those qualities are never more apparent and appreciated than when your pet is ill. Dr. Haight is gentle, yet thorough, in examining your pet and she goes above and beyond in making sure she explains her diagnosis in understandable words. She will discuss her suggested treatment options with you, along with the financial details. As a pet owner, I especially appreciate having all the information in hand before having to make a decision about my pet's care.

We recently had to let go of one of our dogs and having Dr. Haight come to the house made such a difference to us as a family. Knowing Maggie was in her favorite bed surrounded by all of us who loved her made saying goodbye a little less difficult. Never are Dr. Haight's loving qualities more apparent than at a time like this. Her sensitivity to making sure Maggie left this world with her dignity and respect intact was nothing short of amazing. We did not want Maggie to suffer any longer and seeing her leave us so peacefully helped us realize our decision was the right one.

I do not think I could ever fully express how much we love Dr. Haight. She is an incredibly warm and loving person and those qualities only make her an even better veterinarian. In fact, when my children were little, I often wished she was a pediatrician instead of a veterinarian! I cannot recommend Dr. Haight highly enough. And to think that you can now have Dr. Haight care for your pets in the privacy and calm of your own home, makes choosing her for your veterinarian all that much easier!”

“Thank you so very much for helping Chloe in her time of need. While you may have brought your medical expertise to our home in Chloe's last moments, you will be remembered for your kindness, compassion, and gentle spirit. Your love for animals is real and we felt it as we experienced this loss.

As we stumble through the days and months without our sweet little one we are comforted that she had you to help her along to the next of her nine lives.”

“We recently moved to the Roswell area and decided that it was no longer feasible to transport our four cats to their former vet since traveling a greater distance would create additional stress on them and also to us. In addition to our four, we are taking care of our son's 16 year old cat who has kidney issues. After researching vets in the area, we chose Dr. Haight. This has turned out to be the best decision we could have made for us and our ‘cat colony’.

When Dr. Haight visited us we were not sure how the cats would react. Because the cats were examined in their familiar home environment, the veterinary visit became a minor inconvenience for them with no residual stress. While examining the senior cat it was amazing to see Dr. Haight sit on the floor and cradle her for the examination. It was necessary to take a blood sample, give a shot of antibiotic and also an IV, and all of this was done while sitting on the floor cradling her with her assistant's help in performing the various functions.

After the examinations were completed, Dr. Haight took the time to compare past records to her findings and reviewed with us. Our overall experience could not have been better and we look forward to using Dr. Haight for the cats' future veterinary needs. We feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Haight!”

“Dr. Susan Haight we appreciate the care you took with Amber and our family in Amber's final hour! You and your assistant made things calming and comfortable for all of us and most importantly for Amber. Thank you for your love and care over us! Also, thank you for your reassurance that we were doing the right thing from your experiences and medical knowledge. You have a tough job and you handle it very well!!! Forever in our hearts, The Hostetter Family”

“This is the way to do vet visits! The dogs (maybe not quite so much the cats) are relaxed. The vet gets to see them in their normal environment and even play with them. Dr. Haight's purpose in going mobile was to spend more time with her clients' pets and that she does. Quality time. It seems as if she and her assistants are part of the family. What a blast! And to think I didn't have to lift an old 70 pound dog in the truck or wrangle four cats into carriers. It's the way to go!”

“You make me feel so happy that my babies are being taken care of with love. I love being with them when they are treated and not just taken to a back room without me there with them.”

“Hi Susan, Thank you to you and George for seeing Lily yesterday on your day off. I appreciate you putting my mind at ease about her health and the puppies. It was a pleasure to meet both of you! The stress-free and personable visit was priceless and a gift to us all.”

“#1 Service and Compassion”

“Kindness and care shown to both my cats!”

“Thanks so much. You are both the best!”

“Perfect at-home vet! Dr. Haight is wonderful and highly recommended.”