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veterinary services in your home

What to Expect

Our comprehensive veterinary care services include:
Healthy pet visits for puppies, kittens and senior pets. We can help with acute or chronic illnesses, provide ongoing supportive care and pain management. When necessary, Dr. Susan Haight can provide at-home euthanasia.

When we arrive at your home, we will bring what we need inside. We have a large folding water resistant mat to lay on your floor to protect it, and then will use towels on top of that for your pet's comfort. We can work in any area where your pet is comfortable - the kitchen floor, the family room, or a bedroom.

Dr. Haight & Team bring their portable vet kit to your home.

  • We have a scale to weigh your pet (from a kitten to a mastiff!). The large scale is battery powered, so we can use it anywhere that is level, inside or outside. The small scale is easily carried inside.
  • We have containers organized with items to take care of everything associated with your pet's physical exam and findings.
  • We carry vaccines and medications, can run heartworm and feline leukemia/FIV tests, draw blood and collect urine samples, clean ears and manage wounds or hotspots, and can bandage if needed.
  • We can trim nails using a trimmer or dremel. We can express anal glands (outside for dogs!). We will take all our trash with us, and will not leave a mess in your home.
  • We do not have a large truck or custom RV, but simply have a very well organized SUV.

A few things to remember:
If your pet is an outdoor pet, we ask that you have them confined for our arrival so that we can get to them easily and quickly, reducing their stress in the moment. This is also true for indoor cats, unless you feel they will not hide when someone new comes into the home. Again, our goal is to reduce any anxiety your pet may feel about the visit.

If we are going to need a fecal sample, and you can collect this the day we are coming - that is much nicer for your pet! If not, we can usually get a sample. If we need a urine sample from your dog, we ask that you do not allow the pet outside close to our arrival time.

vet care for cats vet care for dogs vet care for cats
If we are at your home for euthanasia, we will come in and visit with you and your pet before bringing anything inside. We will decide together how to make your pet as comfortable as possible, and then bring in only what is needed. We want this experience to be as calm and quiet as possible for your pet, and for your family. Read more +

You may still have questions about what to expect.

We will be happy to discuss them with you prior to our appointment. Feel free to Contact Us, we would love to learn more about you and your pet and help plan your housecall.